What is Data Synchronization ?

What is Data Synchronization ?

When your business has multiple branches, you will need to share business data like payments and receipts, stock details from branches/warehouses, and so on
Tally synchronization includes replicating or consolidating tally data between two or more locations including head office, branches/warehouses etc. Both TallyPrime (Silver) & TallyPrime (Gold) have the capabilities of data synchronization & can either be used as the Client or Server. Synchronization is normally done over the internet via Tally.NET server where no data is saved but is merely transferred from one license to another

Do not want to do Data Synchronization? You can now also host Tally on Cloud & access it from anywhere at any time. Users from different locations will be able to work on the same Tally license simultaneously. We provide you with the right solutions for tally synchronization services that will surely do wonders.

Benefits of Tally Data Sync

Avoid Duplication of work : As tally data is replicated/updated simultaneously at all locations, there is no manual & duplication of work

Accurate & Timely MIS: Through data sync, the head office can have accurate & timely MIS Reporting for better decision making, analysis & more

Security : The process of synchronisation is secure, as the data is transmitted in an encrypted XML format over HTTP & is not stored anywhere

Ease of use: Once setup, Tally data sync is easy to use & you don’t require a dedicated high-end infrastructure or trained personnel.