Fire Alarms

Fire Alarms

Addressable System & Conventional System

We offer you addressable systems and conventional systems with a difference to connect devices through signals to communicate to the main control panel. A complete user guide is provided to you

All types of Detectors, Panels, and Manual Call Point

We offer you the best range of all types of detectors, panels, and manual call points – the advanced device to enable personnel raising an alarm in case of fire takes place. Manual call points are required to press a frangible element to activate the alarm system. Such type of call points are required installation at a certain height above the floor level for easy accessible and evident positions.

Hooters, Response indicator, Beam Detector, and Aspiration Detection

Dimension International offers you an exclusive range of hooters, response indictors, beam detectors, and aspiration detection devices. Hooters and sounders generate audio indications to fire signals; while hooters makes high sound in case control monitor panels detect fire signals in any area. All these units have their importance in any premise.

LHS Cable, Water Leak Detection, Rodent Repellent

From water leak detection to rodent repellent and from LHS cables to similar other units, we bring to yo complete range. Water leak detection panels are installed for 24×7 protections against unexpected water leakage. They work in collaboration with water detection cables.