Home Automation

Home Automation

Lighting Control (ON/OFF, Dimming)

We offer complete range of home automation systems like lighting control and dimming devices to control your lights. We offer simple wall-mounted dimmers to complete range of lighting management software systems to provide you with the right amount of light at any place. We offer you dimmers, sensors, and timers with advanced techniques.


No need to get switch based fans installed. Dimension International offers you fans to control through your smartphone. You can control temperature and fans on your phone along with the speed of the fan to avoid unnecessary sound or speed it up.

Motorised Control

Now, control your curtains – drawn from left to right or from right to left from the center in convenient way. We offer you motorized curtain track and control systems that are based on advanced techniques.

Gate Automation

No need to manually close or open gates. We offer you gate automation solutions – automated swing gates that make your life easier. Get these devices installed with the gates and stay away from worrying about open or close your gates manually.

Air Conditioning

Now, you can control your AC heating or cooling remotely. You can turn on your AC ON at the time of leaving for work. Controlling is totally in your hands that you can do in just a finger touch.

Geyser Automation

Control bathroom or kitchen geyser system. You can control Geyser functions of Turn On/Off from your Smartphone.

Mobile Integration Control

We offer you Mobile integrated control through an advanced operating system – mainly to help you give more control on devices. You can control your smart phone with the touch screen, voice or mobile in any way you want.