Quotes of bamboo eco friendly cosmetic packaging container

Quotes of bamboo eco friendly cosmetic packaging container

Recently, we got some quotes of eco friendly cosmetic packaging, they are interested in bamboo eco friendly cosmetic packaging container, MOQ is 3000pcs, below is the details:

1. Looking to purchase 10 only at this stage, for trial only, please quote, thank you

2. Looking for sustainable, eco-friendly packaging for beauty products. Can you send me info and prices please?

3. I would like a price list for your bamboo containers

4. Hello, Can you indicate what the costs will be when orders containers boxes, with kind regards

5. Hello. I am representing very small Russian hand-made cosmetic brand. We have not any variants about eco-friendly cosmetic packaging for eyeshadows (eye palettes, not singles). Tell me please about price for your eco-friendly packaging and the possibility to ship it to Russia. Thank you very much!

6. Hello, I am currently looking for a custom set box, which would contain a half-liter champagne bottle and some cream puffs (as our brand is selling). I saw your sets and I would like to know to which extends would it be customisable and if we could even rethink a packaging ? Sincerely yours

7. I need pricing on this product and would like to talk about shipping boxes for it. Thank you. 

8. Hello, could you please provide information in which sizes you have the cosmetic packaging? How many items are in one bundle? What is the price? And how long is delivery to Germany? Thank you 

9. Hello. I would like to order a small batch of the bamboo/aluminum jars. Can you provide a quote for 100? Thank you.