Industrial Integration with Tally API

Industrial Integration with Tally API

Tally Integration API is a solution needed for seamless data exchange between Tally & any other database or application.

When an organisation is using multiple, disparate applications, integration with Tally that is offered through TallyPrime integration can help to centralize data & streamline tasks for better visibility & enhanced efficiency.
Any application in .net, java, php, sql etc. can be integrated to Tally.ERP 9 or Tally Prime. Tally Integration also provides the necessary APIs to read and write in XML , JSON , ODBC formats (Get/Post)

Benefits of Tally Integration

No duplication of work : With seamless data integration between applications , there would be no need to input data manually into Tally , eliminating duplication of work

Reduce errors & save time: With no manual intervention, it would eliminate the possibility of any human errors , also saving time & administrative costs

Centralised data : Get real-time consolidation of data from different systems for better visibility of operations & enhanced efficiency