food safe packaging boxes for chocolates contribute to building food grade supply chain

food safe packaging boxes for chocolates contribute to building food grade supply chain

Here we share a fact: There are many Chinese people who spent a lot of time and effort in purchasing milk and imported food from HK. However, there is another awkward situation: HK government broadcast a policy to limit purchasing volume of milk by Chinese mainland people. This fact reflect a severe situation: domestic milk companies can’t meet the strong demand of milk and food.

In fact, we think the key issue is food grade supply chain building in China. Of cause, we can’t exclude the tax difference between two regions. Food grade supply chain building is a systemic engineering, it involves food stuff material production, transportation, storage, workshop condition and so on. Inside of all food production processing, food packaging is the key processing to ensure food grade supply chain.

For instance, in candy and chocolate industries, cocoa must be hygeian, the production processing of cocoa must be healthy too. Please keep in mind: the food grade supply chain is a chain which is formed of many different sections. Even though all of your food stuff, production and so on meet food grade, however, if your custom luxury packaging boxes for chocolates can not meet food safe standard, then the previous effort prior to chocolate and candy packaging will be wasted:

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As a leading custom chocolate packaging suppliers in China, Pi sustainable packaging company blend natural and bio packaging concepts eco friendly packaging concept and sustainable packaging concepts into custom made luxury candy and chocolate packaging gift boxes. We have applied original plastic sheets to food safe chocolate protective packaging such as blister, pure wooden pulp paper, organic base glue, vegetable base ink and so on are formed food safe supply great wall for chocolate and candy packaging.