custom cosmetic packaging boxes design reveal why supermark bankrupt

custom cosmetic packaging boxes design reveal why supermark bankrupt

These years, the super market has been suffering bankrupt. Even though the biggest super market brands, such as Wal-mart, TARGET, PARKN Shop and so on; these famous super market brands have been closing some of their stores. Many professors analysis reasons why these famous super market brands faced so difficult condition.

There are a lot of factors to make them close stores. We think key reason is e-commercial rise abruptly, such as Taobao, JD, Sunning and so on. We are also thinking one question why e-commercial retailers can rise so quickly. During Chinese economic structure reformation, there are a lot of talents who have been playing key role in some of famous foreign companies. During their working in these companies, they learned a lot of knowledge: how to provide products to meet hungry demand of market.

It is the era that small school of fishes to eat up huge fishes today. As a leading custom cosmetic packaging suppliers, Pi sustainable packaging company can feel this mega trend strongly. From demand of cosmetic packaging from our clients, we found that innovation and flexibility of school small fishes are much better than the big companies. So they are able to comply with the trends of the market quickly, and lead the trend of market. For example: some small but very competitive skincare new brands custom make serum and other skincare products of natural plants completely. Meanwhile, their cosmetic packaging supplies are also made of original ecological substance. Here are images of eco friendly cosmetic packaging containers for your easy understanding:

sustainable cosmetic packaging

As per the original ecological appearance, your natural and healthy cosmetic value can be transferred to your potential audience via our eco friendly cosmetic jars immediately.

In order to match with sustainable cosmetic packaging containers above, we can also custom cosmetic packaging boxes made of pure plant base substance. Please find the images as below for your review:

custom cosmetic packaging

Additionally, sustainable cosmetic packaging will not only enhance natural/healthy value of your cosmetic, your potential audience will also be moved by your effort to protect our environment. Most important, this eco friendly custom cosmetic packaging boxes design will help you build luxury brand image.

These small brands are always refused by grand supermarket. However, e-commercial companies accept these small brands and make them grow up quickly. After that, market share of supermarket will be encroached by e-commercial companies and small intellent brands step by step.